Group Tutoring

Smart City Tutors offers group tutoring programs in addition to one-on-one tutoring. We periodically run scheduled programs, but we’re happy to offer any of the below programs on demand as need arises.

We offer tutoring to groups of 2-6 students. We can create programs with families whose children partner with their peers to form their own groups, or students can join scheduled courses with other interested students. Smart City Tutors also partners with schools to bring tutoring to their specific students. Group tutoring sessions can be held in home, on site at schools, virtually, or in office when space is available. 

The below programs have been carefully designed by expert tutors with the support of the Smart City Kids and Smart City Tutors teams. They can be replicated as designed, or can be tweaked to meet your child’s individual needs. We are also happy to team with families or schools to create personalized programs that meet their specific needs. To get started, please email Leila Smiley at


ISEE/SSAT Kickstart Program


Common App Personal Statement Workshop

ISEE/SSAT Kickstart Program

As students prepare to apply for middle or high school, they also need to think about application tests. Most students take either the ISEE or SSAT. Both are five-section, approximately 2.5-hour exams that assess students on a range of math, reading, verbal, and writing skills, some of which are not covered in a standard school curriculum.

Studying for a test with such breadth may seem daunting, but during our four-session, six-hour Kickstart Program, students learn not only what is on the test but how they can prepare. This program walks students through the content on each section, introduces test-taking tips and study strategies they will need, and gives students the opportunity to explore new concepts and practice the skills they need to do their best. Students will finish the course with at least six hours of completed studying, a deep understanding of what they need to work on, and a concrete plan as they move forward.

We do not currently have a Kickstart Program scheduled. If you would like to schedule a Kickstart Program for your child or students, please contact Leila Smiley at Each Kickstart Program will only cover material on one test. If necessary, Leila can help you decide which test makes sense for you.

Common App Personal Statement Workshop

Tackling the Common App personal statement can be a major source of stress for high school juniors and seniors. What should you write about? How can you fit all your ideas on one page? What are colleges looking for, anyway?

This workshop answers all of these questions and takes the mystery out of writing a personal statement. Our expert writing tutors have worked closely with a college consultant and former admissions officer to plan sessions that will help students identify a topic, understand what makes an essay strong, and guide them through writing their own essay. Students will finish the workshop with at least one strong personal statement so they can continue the application process knowing they have completed one major step.

This course is designed to begin with 2 group sessions to introduce students to concepts and brainstorm ideas, then conclude with 2-4 individual sessions for individual personal statement editing.

We do not currently have a Common App Personal Statement Workshop scheduled. If you would like to schedule a Common App Personal Statement Workshop for your child or students, please contact Leila Smiley at


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